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Road to Malaga Part I - Summer Track Races

I have decided not to compete in an autumn Marathon this year. As much as I had enjoyed the build up to the London Marathon and the race itself, I felt it was time to focus on some shorter, faster races. London was my 6th Marathon in 30 months; should I return to the marathon next year, I'm hoping I will see the benefit of this alternative focus.

My main focus will be World Masters Athletics Championships to be held in Malaga, Spain in early September. This will be the 2nd time I have competed in these Championships. Previously in Lyon, France in 2015, I won the 10,000m in a time of 30:52.09.  I managed to lap all the competitors except the silver medalist. This year there is no track 10,000m event on the track. This has now been moved to the road. Wishing to stay on the track I have decided to compete at the 5000m instead. Detailed below are the races I have competed in so far, with more to follow before travelling to Malaga.

6 June 2018. Rosenheim League Division East - Wimbledon…

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