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90 days to the NIGHT OF THE 10,000M PB's - Back to Running

After very little activity in the previous 3 weeks I have recommenced training once again, following several aborted attempts. With 90 days to go to Highgate my attention is securely focussed on doing all I can to get to the start line and hopefully participate in a few races along the way.

I started the week very positively and full of optimism with cardiovascular workouts at the gym. I returned to running every other day starting with 1 mile and adding a mile each time. Interspersed were cycles to and from work and also at the weekend. I also took in a midweek Yoga class.

I visited the Chiropractor who gave me some exercises to help strengthen my gluteus medias and hip. The Chiropractor revealed that there had been a marked improvement since my previous visit 10 days ago, but there is still some way to go.

As far as my runs were concerned, my first run of just a mile didn't really test me but I was glad to get through it without a hint of discomfort. The 2 mile run was ok but i…

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