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Highgate Harriers Night of 10,000m PB’s Race Report

I always like to arrive early for my events, to get my orientation, collect my number and find a quiet space to gather my thoughts. For a race of this magnitude I was quite nervous, more-so than in the London Marathon last month. In the days leading up to this event and not for the first time prior to a Night of 10k PB’s, I had been experiencing anxiety/excitement related palpitations. "Highgatearrhythmia" to coin a phrase. Nothing serious or concerning just an awareness of occasional thumps in my chest caused by extrasystoles - a heartbeat outside the normal rhythm, that often occurs in normal individuals). I’ve had them checked out previously so I recognise the symptoms. This is how my nerves manifest but only in very rare occasions and almost always before Highgate. Someone once told me if you’re nervous it’s because you care about the outcome. This was certainly the case. I always race well at Highgate and I was keen to produce another stellar performance and to maintai…

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