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Week 12 of 12 London Marathon Build-up 16th April - 22nd April. THE FINAL CHAPTER

23.5 degrees today. A record temperature for a London Marathon event. My pre race plan prior to learning about the potential weather conditions was to run the opening mile outside 5:30 and gradually increase my pace to arrive at halfway in 71mins. Then to negative split and try and run sub 2:20. My default has always been to run 70 mins to halfway, however in my last London 2 years ago I ran 69 mins for the opening half. So 71mins today didn't seem a bad idea.

Cramp has been an issue in all my marathons to date. Having tried various electrolyte supplements, strength and conditioning exercises in the build up, electrolyte drinks, gels with and without water in the race, the problem persists. Due to the fact that I don't ever drink whilst training, running up to 30 mile long runs on previous marathon preps I have never had cramp, so I decided not to take on fluids on this occasion. Seems crazy I know, probably not the best day to try!
The Race 0-3 miles 5:30, 5:29, 5:25(5k 17:00)�…

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