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Road to Malaga Part III World Masters Athletics Championships 2018

It had been a rocky road to the championships but I finally made it. I arrived in the morning, the day before the race. My coach had advised me to rest and allow my achilles inflammation to settle. I spent the day catching up with my Glaswegian friend Robert McCulloch who I had been roommates with during my year on an athletics scholarship in America back in 1994/95. Robert had already ran the 10k road race and was due to run the M50 5000m the following evening. Unfortunately Rob, he had injured his upper back prior to the championships, which was making breathing on exertion very painful.

On the morning of the race my achilles felt the best it had done in recent weeks. I made my way to the stadium, a short 3 mile taxi ride away. For the next hour I walked for 15 mins to loosen up then sat in a quiet place to relax, close my eyes and gather my thoughts. When the time finally came to to warm up, stiffness in my achilles was obvious but not too concerning. After 10-12 mins of jogging …

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