12 week London Marathon Build-up. The Journey Begins.

12 weeks until the London Marathon and I have finally returned to running after a very interrupted January. (Dryrunuary). An injury to my sacroiliac joint plus the flu have  kept me sidelined for most of this month. I think I’ve only ran 6 or 7 times in 4 weeks. 

I have made two visits to see a chiropractor this week to address my problems. Progress has been very good and I was given the green light to resume training today. I am due another visit to the chiropractor on Friday, and intend on having regular follow-ups en route to the London Marathon. 

During this spell of injury and illness I hit three very low points.  Firstly, arriving at work and having to lean up against the building because walking was too painful. Secondly, I had difficulty crossing the road because my back had ceased up so much it was effecting picking up my leg to initiate a walk. Thirldly, a few days later on a Sunday 2mile walk with my wife I was experiencing hip pain on every footstrike and right testicular pain, and lower back pain. Clearly a sciatic problem. Walking was very uncomfortable never mind running.

I have questioned myself whether I can get back to the level of fitness required to race a marathon, having not ran much in the previous 4 weeks. Running a Marathon is easy, racing it is a whole different matter. I keep telling myself  to draw on previous experiences when I’ve have been injured and managed to get fit and perform well against all odds. This will be an interesting journey. 

Mood swings and general grumpiness are common characteristics displayed  by myself during an injury ridden period. After today’s run I feel a lot more positive that things are moving in the right direction, and hope I can say goodbye to the grumpy me as things progress this coming week. 

Training Diary 22nd-28th January 2018

Mon.  p.m 0.5 miles pre chiropractor assessment. 
Tues.  a.m Chiropractor appointment. 
Fri.     Chiropractor appointment
Sun a.m 0.5 miles easy   p.m 0.5 miles easy

My week in numbers. 
1.5 - miles ran this week. 
3  - runs
9 stone 13 1/2 lbs - weight
2 - chiropractor visits 
37.5 hours @work
1 pair ON Cloud Flow

Sporting heroes of the week. 

Roger Federer, after winning the Australian Open.
There have been 200 men’s singles grandslam titles up for grabs in the open era, since 1968. Federer has  won 20 and featured in 30 finals. 

John Gilbert (Kent A.C) for winning the South of England Cross Country Champs. 

Back to basics. Preparing for first run back after injury wearing Cloud Flow. 
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  1. Great blog!! Great to have you back! GBRM

  2. If there is a runner who will take on the odds and delivery on race day it's Kojo. All the best in the build up.

    1. Thank you Kevin for your kind words. Will always remember the great camaraderie in Toronto. Hope to see you back on top form soon.

  3. Good stuff, buddy. Steve Moore


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