Week 1 of 12 week London Marathon Build-up - 3 steps forward 1 step back

After ending last week with 2 half mile runs, I did two 1 mile runs on Monday and 2x 1.5 mile runs Tuesday. Progress was pretty good until the second 1.5 mile run at lunch. I was unsure whether I should do it at all. The right sided hip, glute and back tightness experienced on the morning run, which radiated a mild numbness down my right leg, was still bothering me. I did the run nonetheless but, it was a struggle to finish the run, not so much physically but mentally. The feeling of running free and a little faster than the previous runs felt great and mildly euphoric, a feeling I have missed. The problem was the discomfort of the tightness and the thought of over doing it at this stage of rehab. The sensible Angel on my shoulder was saying “STOP. This tightness is not good”. Sometimes I hate you Angel. The Devil and euphoria won on this occasion. I made it to 1.5 miles box ticked, but wish I hadn’t upon reflection. Things felt much worse now. 
I had a quick chat with my coach Conrad Milton in the evening and we decided that perhaps running once-a-day and continuing with small increments would be the best way forward to allow my body time to adjust to the training load.  
It does seem rather pathetic only running such small distances but necessary so I don’t over-cook it and relapse back into immobility. 26.2 miles is considerably longer than what I am doing now but it’s early days. Plenty of road ahead. I have to remain patient and fitness will come back naturally. I can’t afford any major setbacks at this stage so taking three steps forward recently followed by one step back is appropriate. Sometimes a stepback or setback is necessary to ultimately go forward. It gives you an opportunity to reassess and get a better perspective of the weaknesses you need to address to prevent injury in the future.

On Wednesday I limited myself to one run of 1 mile and repeated this on Thursday. Friday morning I stepped back up to 1.5 miles which felt more comfortable than on Tuesday. After my Friday morning run I visited my Chiropractor before heading to work. He was very pleased with developments since my visit a week ago. He echoed my coaches suggestion of running once a day, and after receiving treatment he gave me some glute exercises and foam rolling procedures for my IT bands to perform prior running. The purpose is to initiate correct firing patterns of the primary and secondary movers of the running motion. It seems as if my body had fallen into bad habits whilst compensating for the initial sacroiliac injury, so a little encouragement is needed. 

Saturday I felt ready to attempt 2 miles which went very well. Growing in confidence I ran 3 miles on Sunday. The pace of the runs increased during the week. Having had so much time off, I’m very fresh at the moment. Minor niggles (achilles and general below the knee aggrevations) which would normally prevent me getting into a good rhythm early in my runs have disappeared. With renewed confidence I look forward to see what next week brings. 

Training Diary 29th January - 4th February 2018
Mon.  a.m 1 mile @7:37/mi.             p.m 1 mile @7:32/mi
Tues.   a.m 1.5 miles @7:16/mi          p.m 1.5 miles @6:54/mi
Weds.  1 mile @7:02
Thurs  1mile @6:43/mi
Fri.   a.m 1.5 miles @6:17/mi, followed by 8am Chiropractor appointment
Sat. a.m 2 miles @6:15/mi
Sun a.m 3 miles @5:56/mi

My week in numbers. 
13.5 miles ran this week. 
9 - runs
2 pairs of running shoes ON Cloud Flow & Cloud Flyer
9 stone 11 1/4 lbs - weight
1 - chiropractor visit
37.5 hours @work

Sporting hero of the week. 
Alex Yee, for staging a great comeback by winnng the BUCS Cross Country; following fractured vertebrae and a collapsed lung sustained last June in a horrific cycle accident whilst competing in a triathlon.

Kit Drop
Thank you to ON Running for the Kit drop this week. Nice new apparel, shoes and colour schemes. Looking forward to wearing the new CloudX

#CloudX #BeOn #VLM2018


  1. Hello Kojo, just read your blog, and looks like you've a real uphill battle with your injury. It's great you've made some progress this week, and I'm sure you'll get back 100% again soon. My right side leg is always painful after most runs. Today, I managed a 14 miler, and just now I cracked my sacroiliac joint again, and feel pain on outside of knee/hamstring. I'm using the foam roller, which is painful, but I think is helping me. Look forward to your next blog. Text me if you want to call for a catch up some time.


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