Week 6 of 12 London Marathon Build-up 5th - 11th March - 103 miles week incorp. a Long run, 10 mile Tempo & Track session.

Having raced the previous two weeks I took the opportunity to further increase my weekly mileage beyond 100 miles. This has reminded me that marathon training is hard and has to be hard to get the desired results. Of course careful planning is necessary to ensure some sort of recovery, (rarely full) is had between sessions. The final 6 miles of a marathon are much harder than the first 20, therefore carrying around a certain level of fatigue throughout your build up prepares you for those tough miles.

I come to realise this week that my body needs more fuel. I’ve gone from watching what I’m eating in previous weeks too stocking piling, yet feeling mildly hypoglycaemic and fatigued most of the time. Nonetheless I’ve been very impressed with the work I have done this week. Consequently, my confidence is much higher and I remain very enthused and determined to fulfil the necessary training sessions that will bring about a positive outcome in London.

Monday. 10 miles easy recovery run @7:06/mi
A pleasant run today with the combined Carshalton/Sutton/Epsom& Ewell 6am Club. There was a good turnout, Dan, Mark Tom, Rob, David and myself. I had a slight pain in my left foot after yesterday’s race, so I massaged it later in the day and did some hot and cold therapy.

Tuesday. 24 miles with efforts of 3 miles @ (10-13miles), 2 mile effort @ (15-17) & 1 mile effort @ (20-21). Overall average 6:04/mi. 2hrs 36mins34secs

I just went with the flow today. I wasn’t sure how I would cope so soon after racing 48hrs earlier, I questioned whether or not I should be attempting the session at all. However, I woke up not realising the foot pain. My quads felt heavy when I started the run and the foot wasn’t a problem at all. I was prepared to shorten the run if I had any problems. The 3 mile effort splits were 5:31, 5:37, 5:39;  2 mile splits 5:35, 5:32; and the 1 mile effort was 5:33. All efforts felt quite hard unsurprisingly, but served as a good rehearsal for trying to run fast on tired legs.

Wednesday. 10 miles @7:06/mi
am. My body was feeling really good after yesterday’s long run. I woke up later today and joined my 6am club mates for a run which I finished at work.

pm. 7 miles easy run home @7:09/mi
Today was my first double day since my recent comeback, I felt quite tired. Now I know I’m training!

pm.Yoga class. Couldn't get my balance today due to the tiredness.

Thursday. 13.1 miles @7:05/mi
After running 52 miles in 3 days I woke up this morning and decided not to do a session. So another easy day with a single run.

Friday am 3x5x300/1min jog/ 2 min sets - wearing On Cloudflash
set 1. 53, 53, 52, 51, 51
set 2. 51, 51, 51, 51, 50
set 3. 50, 50, 50, 49, 49

It was great to be back on the track. I finished the session well after a slow start. Hope to improve next week. I find the Cloudflash an excellent shoe for track work regardless of the distance. Having raced a 10k track and road race last year in them I have every confidence in them.

pm. 5 mile easy @6:52/mi
Another double day today. An easy run after work to flush out this morning's session.

Stimulating the fast twitch fibres to improve cadence with 300m reps

Live from the On Labs - Cloudflash

Saturday 12 miles @7:05/mi
Today I ran predominantly off road for a change of scenery. I wore the Cloudventure Peak on this occasion, as expected it was quite muddy in places. Still feeling slightly jaded I was happy to start slowly and pick things up as I went along. I finished the run strongly over the last few miles. I forgot to fully charge my watch prior to the run, consequently the battery ran out with two miles to go.

Later in the morning through to early evening my family and I hosted 3 couples whom we first met over 20 years ago at University, accompnaied by their children. We had a long walk in our local park after a lovely feast. Despite eating well, I still needed a second helping of leftovers prior to bed to refuel me ahead of tomorrow's 10 mile tempo run.

Sunday 2 miles easy - 10 miles Tempo @5:19/mi  - 1 mile easy
I went into this session anxious and fatigued. This weeks training has been quite tough with two double days, which I haven't done in a while. Very please with how this run went considering the slow start. More consistent and faster 10 miles than what was within the two previous Half Marathon races.

Filled my socks up at a family get together for Mother's Day ready for next week training and racing.

This week in numbers. 

103 miles ran this week

9 - runs

5 pairs of running shoes worn this week. 
    ON Cloudventure PeakCloudflyer, Cloudflash, Cloudflow Cloudx

9 stone 1/4 lbs / 60.9 kg - weight

37.5 hours @work

1 - yoga session

Next Race

Sunday 18th March 2018

Reading Half Marathon


  1. Hello Kojo. That was an impressive week of training, looking good for your next race on Sunday. I'm getting ready for Malaga, but struggling again with a virus, can't seem to shake having some sort of cold.

    1. Thanks Rob! Hope Malaga goes well despite the virus. At the very least let’s hope the race blows the virus out of your system. Ask your GP to check your vitD levels.


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