Week 8 of 12 London Marathon Build-up - 19th March - 25th March - Another 100+ mile week, 26.2miles training run & JustGiving.

With 4 weeks to go till London I have reached the pinnacle to my training volume. Everything is coming together nicely. This week has seen a combination of speed work on the track, an endurance workout incorporating a long tempo effort and a speed endurance session on the road. Refuelling has increased somewhat as a consequence of my increased mileage of late. I’m feeling less like a Zombie!

There has been the usual niggles here and there which I manage on a daily basis. I visited the chiropractor and attended another yoga class to maintain status quo. I look forward to testing myself over Half Marathon once more next week, hopefully in better conditions.

a.m 10 miles @8:04/mi
A small turnout of just 3 on the 6am run. Pavements were very icy so the pace was appropriately slow. Running down hill later in my run I did a very good impersonation of an Olympic ski jumper going down the runway before finding some traction to stop myself falling into a heap on the floor.

p.m. 5.3 miles lunch run @7:28/mi

a.m 10 miles am @6:43/mi

a.m Chiropractor Appointment. Good feedback from the chiropractor. He is very pleased with my progress. Besides the normal routine of therapy I had acupuncture to my achilles and the lateral side of my calves. Matt also worked on my left foot to free up some compression in my ankle which seems to be responsible for my lateral foot pain. From now on I shall go back to wearing my custom made orthotics to assist with injury prevention.

p.m 5 miles lunch run @7:04/mi

3km warm up
2x6x800m Road reps /1 min / 2 mins rec
3km cool Down
I'm recovering well from last weekends race but still feeling a bit tired. I am pleased with how this workout went regardless. This is the phase in the Marathon prep when you aren't always fresh for every session. These sessions count the most, as there is great value in training when tired. It teaches you how to cope with the difficult 6.2 miles following a 20 mile run on race day.

5 miles lunch run @7:25/mi
Making the most of the opportunity to run slow to recover from this mornings session.


a.m. 13.5 miles morning run @7:05/mi
p.m. 5 miles lunch run @7:05/mi
A good total mileage for the day.

2.4 miles warm-up
3x5x300/1min jog/ 2 min sets - wearing On Cloudflash
This week                           1 week ago              2 weeks ago
set 1. 49, 49, 49, 48, 48      50, 51, 50, 50, 49      53, 53, 52, 51, 51
set 2. 48, 47, 47, 48, 48      48, 49, 48, 48, 48      51, 51, 51, 51, 50
set 3. 47, 48, 48, 48, 46      48, 49, 48, 48, 46      50, 50, 50, 49, 49
2.8 miles cool down.
The quality of the session has improved so much.

p.m 5.1 miles lunch run @7:17/mi
80 miles achieved so far this week, but not without the odd niggle here or there. All part of the course. Have been doing contrast therapy of hot and cold on my right foot and my left achilles since last weekends race.

10.2 miles @6:55/mi
Early morning run prior to a 6th day at work. Start was pedestrian but progressed nicely.

26.2 miles @5:48/mi - 2hrs 32:07 secs (wearing On CloudX)
incorp (7 miles steady - 18 miles tempo @5:33/mi; 2:25:30 marathon pace - 1.2 miles steady)I was anxious going into this run. There's no hiding place with a session like this, and the thought of it not going well and finding out that I'm not ready for London was slightly worrying me. As it turns out the session went very well. Having ran 90 miles this week prior to this run, I was somewhat tired unsurprising. Notably this Marathon effort was only 44 secs slower than my time in the Berlin Marathon last September. A great end to fantastic week of training.

This week in numbers. 

116 miles ran this week

14, 49, 75, 85, 95, 103, 103, 116 
Weekly mileage progression

12 - runs

6 pairs of running shoes worn this week. 
ON Cloudventure Peak, Cloudflyer, Cloudflash, Cloudflow CloudX grey/neon, CloudX white/black

5 - double days

9 stone 3/4 lbs / 61.1 kg - weight

43.5 hours @work

1 - yoga session

1 - chiropractor session

JustGiving Fundraising Page


As part of this years London Marathon I am raising money for St Georges Hospital Charity, more specifically for my department of Echocardiography.

We are one of the country's largest echocardiography departments in a specialist Cardiology and Cardiothoracic centre. We are looking to expand our service to meet increasing demand. The department currently houses a range of modern echocardiography ultrasound machines but there is a desperate need for an additional ultrasound machine to allow Cardiac Physiologists to increase their services both within the Echocardiography department and through the provision of portable studies anywhere within the hospital at the patient's bedside. Our services currently include being the national centre for Sports Cardiology through close alliance with Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). We are also a leading centre for the investigation and treatment of families affected by sudden cardiac death. In addition to our specialist services we provide echocardiography services to our acute medical units, stroke and neurosurgical services, all critical care areas including organ donation / transplant studies.

The demand for echocardiography is rapidly increasing. A new ultrasound machine will make a world of difference to patient's attending St George's Hospital. As the Lead Cardiac Physiologist for this service I ask you to support me by donating any amount however small to help the Cardiac Physiologists at St George's Hospital make a real difference to patients in all stages of their patient journey. The echocardiography team are extremely grateful to the valued public support in helping us expand our services. If you wish to support this charity by sponsoring me please click here.    

Next Race

Easter Sunday 1st April 2018
Kingston Spring Half Marathon


  1. Your going really well Kojo, the training is awesome, especially that Sunday 26 miler, I don't know how you got through that, both physically and mentally, impressive stuff. Good luck for the next half marathon.

    1. Thanks Rob. I find that once I've got locked into a rhythm it's hard to break.

  2. Another quality week! Your runs are very impressive. Do you have a breakfast before doing your run in the morning?

    1. Thanks very much Antonio. I never eat breakfast before a morning run!


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