90 days to the NIGHT OF THE 10,000M PB's - Back to Running

After very little activity in the previous 3 weeks I have recommenced training once again, following several aborted attempts. With 90 days to go to Highgate my attention is securely focussed on doing all I can to get to the start line and hopefully participate in a few races along the way.

I started the week very positively and full of optimism with cardiovascular workouts at the gym. I returned to running every other day starting with 1 mile and adding a mile each time. Interspersed were cycles to and from work and also at the weekend. I also took in a midweek Yoga class.

I visited the Chiropractor who gave me some exercises to help strengthen my gluteus medias and hip. The Chiropractor revealed that there had been a marked improvement since my previous visit 10 days ago, but there is still some way to go.

As far as my runs were concerned, my first run of just a mile didn't really test me but I was glad to get through it without a hint of discomfort. The 2 mile run was ok but in the following 24 hrs mild tightness in the gluteus had returned and my knees were sore when running as a consequence of the cycling. The 3 mile run felt better than the 2 miles a couple days earlier which lifted my spirits once more.

I hope for continued improvement in the next 10 days as the duration and distance of running increases.

Favourite Podcast recently 

Lets get running - Grassroot Heroes.
Shawn Dixon speaks to my good friend Kevin Quinn about his recent run of PB's, following a heart operation to close 4 holes in his heart. Listen here

My running heroes of this weekend

Steph McCall (far left below) who I have been coaching this past 10 months recorded the 10th fastest long Leg at ERRA National 6 stage Road Relays and helped Herne Hill Harriers to a Silver Medal.

Herne Hill Harriers Silver Medalists ERRA National Road Relay
Results here

Dan GaffneyDeciding at the last minute to run the Greater Manchester Marathon and achieving a PB narrowing missing a 2:26 clocking with 2:27.05

Gary Laybourne - Triathlete focussing a bit more on his running recently, clocked a sizeable 22  minute Marathon PB of 2:33:16 also at the Manchester. Results here 

Triathlete Gary Laybourne PB in Greater Manchester Marathon

Ben Shearer - now in his 3rd season as a M40, recorded a Half Marathon lifetime best of 68:05 taking 50 secs off his previous mark at Paddock Wood Half Marathon. Also Nick Torry in winning the Paddock Wood Half Marathon and going top the 2019 M40 rankings with 65:34 Results here

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Training Log

100 Days to go Thurs 28th March
30 mins Elliptical Cross Trainer 

99 Fri 29th March
30 mins Elliptical Cross Trainer

98 Sat 30th March
5 mile Mountain Bike Ride 

97 Sun 31st March
21 mile Mountain Bike Ride

96 Mon 1st April
1 mile Road run @ 7:12 p/m 
30 mins Elliptical Cross Trainer;
6.5 miles cycle to work
6.5  miles cycle home

95 Tues 2nd April
10 mins Elliptical Cross Trainer >10 mins Row>5 mins Stepper
Core Stability and Stretching.
Cycle to work 6.5 miles
Cycle home 6.5 miles

94 Weds 3rd April
2 miles Road run @ 7:24 p/m
Cycle to work 6.5 miles
Cycle home 6.5 miles
Core Stability and Stretching.

93 Thurs 4th April
Cycle to work 6.5 miles
Cycle home 6.5 miles
Core Stability and Stretching.

92 Fri 5th April
3 miles Road run @ 7:15 p/m
Cycle to Chiropractor 4 miles
Cycle to work 9 miles
Cycle home 6.5 miles

91 Sat 6th April
Cycle to work 6.5 miles
Cycle home 6.5 miles
Core Stability and Stretching.


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